NFTs Hero

Hero is indispensable feature of GaliXCity; to participate in PvE and PvP activities, you will need to own at least 5 Heroes. These Heroes will support you with city management, combat in Conquest, and battle in Campaign mode.
Based on rarity, Hero is divided into 4 types:
  • D, C Rank (Common): Normal Heroes, stats and skills are not too outstanding.
  • B Rank (Rare): Has some special abilities, stats are not too outstanding.
  • A Rank (Epic): Has some special abilities, stats are decent.
  • S, SSS Rank(Legendary) Hero has very good stats, unique appearance, and many special abilities.
Based on combat characteristics, Heroes are divided into 5 types:
  • Human: Stable defense, balanced stats
  • Cyborg: Possesses advanced equipment, great defense but low damage.
  • Construct: Strong with high defense, has the ability to block the enemy's attack.
  • Monster: Extremely high attack power and speed.
  • Spell: Possesses useful wide-area skills, can turn the game upside down if used at the right time.
Hero Combat Growth:
  1. 1.
    Hero Level Up: Experience Card can be used to level up Hero.
    • Leveling up increases Hero's strength.
    • The maximum level a hero can reach is 100, but the limitation of a Hero will need to be unlocked through increasing the Hero Star.
  2. 2.
    Increase Hero Star: Using Hero of the same type can increase Hero's star
    • Increasing the star will greatly increase the Hero's strength and combat ability.
    • Increasing the level cap for Hero.
  3. 3.
    Upgrade skills
    • A Hero possesses active and passive skills that bring many benefits in production and combat.
    • The rarer the Hero, the more skills they possess.
    • Upgrading skills will increase the benefits the Hero brings, specifically:
      • The combat power of the robot army
      • Harvest speed, research...
      • Strength incensement in combat